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SWADHAR GREH (Residential)

The Samiti is running a SWADHAR GREH for the destitute women at Dharamgarh in the Kalahandi district of Orissa for 30.such women in collaboration with Bharatiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh, New Delhi and financial support from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi since 1987. The needy women or destitute women can stay in this SWADHAR GREH for a period of 3 years with her children. The inmates are given different vocational training like Badi, Pampad, Jam, Spinning & Weaving of Khadi etc for sustainable income generation for their rehabilitation. During their stay in the Swadhar Greh they are given counseling, health care and necessary legal support to rehabilitate them.


The Samiti has been running 35 crèche centers in Laxmipur and Koraput block of the Koraput, Dabugoan of Nabarangapur & Dharamgarh of Kalahandi districts of Orissa. The programme is supported by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi & Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India. Children from age group of 0 to 5 are admitted in these schools and they are provided with nutritious food. The Balsevikas of the Creche centers are taking care of these children, the objective of these centre is to keep the children in the centre when the parents are going for work. In each crèche centre 25 children are admitted and during this year 875 children are enrolled in 35 creche centre. The Creche centers are closed after June 2017 as there was no assurance given by the State Govt. or Central Govt.


We have organised training for SHG members on Beekeeping in Podagada, Lamataput, Semiliguda, Pottangi & Nandapur by our technical expert. The beneficiaries are trained how to handle the Indian bees and management of bees in different seasons. They also trained on collection of honey from the bee box and it’s processing for marketing.We have also supplied Bee Colony & Bee Equipments to the SHG beneficiaries and farmers of Lamtaput, Pottangi, Semiliguda and Nanadapur of Koraput district with the financial support from Mission Shakti, Koraput and Soil Conservation Department of Dasmantapur in Koraput.


The Sarvodaya Samiti is running two Khadi spinning centers and three weaving centers. Three hundred (300) artisans are associated with the Samiti under Khadi programme. Yarn is produced from the cotton sliver on M.N.C. charakhas at Dharamgarh and weaving center at Jeypore and Dharmagarh. We have also a Silk production centre at Village Sagarpalli in Sonepur district.The Samiti is also managing Khadi Bhandars (shops) in Burja & Koraput in Koraput district, Dabugoan in Nabarangapur district and Dharamgarh in Kalahandi district for sales of Khadi and village Industries products. The Samiti has also sales Khadi, Silk and V.I products in whole sales within and outside state of Orissa. The Samiti is also provided work sheds to its 25 artisans (spinners and weavers) in Dharamgarh subdivision and a Common work shed for spinning at Dharamgarh with the help from KVIC. We also produce readymade Khadi Garments for the customers.


The farmers are given hands on training on sustainable agricultural, horticulture and vegetables growing practices. During the training period the farmers are exposes to the different method of practices. They also visited the Demonstrations fields and learn how to use the high yield variety seeds. Some farmers are also supplied with grafted fruit bearing trees and high yield seeds. The Samiti is promoting Palua & Turmeric cultivation by using organic manure in Koraput and Laxmipur Block of Koraput district.