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The philosophy of the Samiti based on the twin cardinal principle of Gandhi’s thought is truth & non-violence (satya and ahimsa). We believe in the principles of Political decentralization, the minimization of competition and exploitation in the economic sphere and instead the encouragement of cooperation, the production on the basis of need and by masses, recognition of the dignity of labour, the practice of extensive self-reliance by individuals, villages, regions and the nation, Absence of oppression on the basis of race, caste, class, language, gender or religion, A deep respect for mother nature, necessitating an economic system based upon the preservation rather than destruction of the natural environment.

The need of the hour today is more people-centered and people-owned development practice which, in turn, emphasizes the need to strengthen institutional and social capacity supportive of greater local control, accountability, initiative, and self-reliance. In this context, a high priority is placed on a process of democratization, and people are encouraged to mobilize and manage their own local resources with government in an enabling role.

We see empowerment as a process of local communities achieving power, self-reliance and confidence, and the resulting ability to take independent action and the control of decision-making on matters concerning their own development. And, this has reinforced our faith in human potential development, and has inspired us to rededicate ourselves to plunge for the "search for development alternatives - which is sustainable, gender-free and eco-friendly". It meant to us a continuous process of learning and experimentation.